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12-25-2012, 11:52 PM
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Brock I really hope your right on the Menard to Brampton thing, seeing as its the final season in Brampton I would hope Stan wouldnt sell off, while they dont have much of a fan base here I think they owe it to their few dedicated fans (like myself and several others) to at least go out fighting, we have an OA spot available and we need any offensive help we can get.

Lets be honest Brampton isnt good enough to be big buyers and make a major push but a small trade like that could go a long way, not to mention Menard is somewhat of a local guy, he was actually somebody I had pegged in the summer about possibly heading for Brampton before he was dealt to Peterborough.

Obviously however I am betting Brampton wont be giving up many assets, while they may want to go out fighting in Brampton I imagine they want to make a very good first impression in North Bay even more next year.

I'm really just hoping Stan doesnt sit idle this year, Menard isnt the big fish in Peterborough so teams looking for Quine and Slater are the ones willing to put up the dough to get them, could make it a tad easier for the Petes to let Menard slip away a bit cheaper.

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