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12-26-2012, 12:32 AM
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I find ballpark effect in general to be very overrated.

I really don't think it affects power hitters. When a guy with power gets one, it's gone.

Using the Yankees example, when Teixeira and Swisher were hitting them into the 2nd deck in right, which is where a vast majority of their homers go, those are in fact gone in any stadium.

Here's a chart of Mark Teixeira's 24 homeruns. Not a single one traveled less than 350. Only 5 traveled lass then 375 and 4 of them are in the 135-120, or 60-45 zones, which are right down the lines. Name one park in MLB that's 375 down the line. So what does he gain playing in a "hitters" park? Maybe 1 homerun?

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