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12-26-2012, 04:53 AM
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Originally Posted by truck View Post
Are you suggesting it is wrong to say "large portion" without results from a published survey or something? Many people from Winnipeg would have zero bones to pick with that comment and believe it to be true.
Many more conversely might be willing to give a 21 year old some time to mature. Most rational adults that I interact with don't concern themselves with Kane's daily personal life away from the rink. Not sure where I suggested a poll, either? I conversely suggested that the blanket statement that "fans just don't like him" probably shouldn't be made by someone that doesn't even live here. There you go incorrectly paraphrasing again.

I really doubt posts on a sh***y little blog are going to scare Kane away, especially when the posts don't shred him, attack him or begrudge him...
The most recent article on that blog concerning Kane did suggest fans don't like him and that the local press will run him out of town, and the article prior to that one inferred that local critiques of Kane were driven by race, so I'll just defer to your own description of the blog's quality.

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