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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
With a guy like Morrow, I disagree. Despres never proved himself in the A and he got the call. I didn't think his play in the A warranted a callup, but he once again showed why performance in the A isn't the end all, be all.

I think the Pens are very good at rounding out young blueliners and can't see Morrow getting pigeonholed with his overall talent.

What he can do for their PP and transition game, is more than worth living with his mistakes in his own end. Martin and Michalek made rookie mistakes all season and neither of them can touch what Morrow can do offensively.

He hasn't had much of a shot to, and the top PP is ass anyway. As I said, there is a woeful lack of talent on WBS.

The Pens PP has elite, world class talent and Morrow's ability to Qb the PP is a rare skill no Pens blueliner has. The Baby Pens PP is more like watching the Keystone Kops.

Huge difference.
So what you're saying is he would be a tremendous asset for a terrible Pitt PP but because he's playing with inferior players he's not helping the WBS PP.
It seems to me that a great player should make the other players around him better. He's had plenty of opportunety, he's been on the first PP every time he's been in the lineup. His play on the PP in not the reason he's been scratched.
He's not ready for the NHL but you insist he could play right now. Well any of the players on WBS could be thrown into to Pitt line up and play marginal minutes right now. That doesn't mean they would help the team win.
And as far as Despres goes, he's doing just fine in the AHL. I don't know what all the posters are saying that Despres hasn't played well. I don't know where that's coming from. I think it's just stat watchers. You can't evaluate a player by just looking at his stats. Look at Grant, he had a tremendous season stat wise, last year. He can't even break into the line up this year.

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