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Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
Ok in the order you asked them;
Minimal at best, I believe the line is "sole reason for existence is to win a stanley cup";
Doesn't matter at all, T Pegs can afford to paper the whole building;
60 years of history and 0 Cups;
Sorry your dad loves the Amerks, but as a Sabres fan, unless he plays center and can score 60-70 points a year, no he doesn't matter

However as irrelevant to the Sabres everything you said is, the fact that the team is losing and the prospects look bad to terrible in the process is an issue. The lack of defensive responsibility is an issue. Rewarding players who at times look pathetic with more ice is ridiculous. There's numerous issues with Rochester atm. Zero of them have to do with the roster not being capable of winning a Calder Trophy.

Here's some perspective for you. The bar at the top of the page says Buffalo Sabres and whether you like it or not there are people who couldn't care less about the Amerks. Without them the Sabres live on. Their record means nothing to the Sabres only the quality of the players they develop.

Posted from my phone at work in Henrietta. There's an envelop in my hand with Amerks tickets in it. When my boss gave them to me he said "I know how much you love going to the games" and hes right, I love seeing the Sabres prospects grow up, but winning a Calder Cup has never entered my mind as a priority for that team once.

You're right, absolutely. I grew up in a minor league city and have understood how minor league/developmental minor leagues work. In an independent minor league winning matters because it's all you play for. When you're talking about a league like the AHL where a lot of your team is comprised of contracted guys to the higher up you work for them, not for you. Your winning means nothing, Your developing means everything. You can win but not develop. You can develop and not win. There is the arguement that winning is developing in a sense, true but just because you win doesn't mean development either. If you're winning and the vets are carrying the load more than your prospects I think there would be room for concern. History is just that, history.

It's all about players impriving there games and being ready for the big show. Things you have mentioned are more important than winning per se. I have seen it many a times in minor league/pro sports where the minor league team kicked butt together but then when they got their chance at the big show flopped together.

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