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12-26-2012, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by CTKingsFan View Post
The NBA is a joke!

It's not even a system problem. It's a culture problem! Players and fans have no interest in playing for or rooting for small markets teams. Sure teams like OKC will have a nice run but guys like Westbrook will go to the big city as soon as they get a chance.

The NHL actually out draws the NBA in attendance. A lot NBA arena look like Phoniex, saw a Bucks game the other day they had all the fans sitting in the lower bowl on the tv side. The whole upper bowl was empty!

In fact the Bucks top player said he considers this season an audition for other teams.
This^ A couple friends and I go to T-Wolves games a couple times a year for the past few solely because it's like $16 dollars and we know we'll get free food, free drinks, our seats moved down closer to the court since the arena is so empty, or a combo of all of these things.

If the NBA is making $5 billion a year and it's record revenue it isn't due to fan support of the smaller market teams or attendance numbers. Then the amount of money they are missing out on by not supplying fans with a competitive league where every team has a chance to win is insane.

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