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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
How many years ago was Della Rovere? Of course they send skilled players: 1) skill wins and 2) they have the most and best skilled players in the world.

But even on their highly skilled teams they seem to find some room for some players whose job is not to be skilled, but to muck it up. Again, that's fine, that's the game. But sometimes those players cross the line.

Of course other teams have players that cross the line, and of course jealousy and hating the big bad bully has a huge part in this, but there is something about the attitude of Canadian hockey that plays a part as well.

It's super successful, they are the best, but understand that it's going to make the rest of the world dislike you.
Yeah Della Rovere pissed me off. Can't really argue with anything you said. Cormier was another guy I hated.

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