Thread: News Article: The price of success is hard work
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12-26-2012, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Anthrax442 View Post
Young people are idiots, that's why the best marketing ploys are geared towards them.

You are right. It's so damn hard, it's like the the coal mines.

That's for damn sure.

They train to be a better product.

Absolutely not. SC is a welcomed bonus, but none of them will trade their dough for the SC.

Yes, I have.

Jesus, you sound like a 12 year old girl waiting for Justin Bieber to come through town. Seriously, judging by your comment, ALL athletes should be compensated in the bi-millions, well how about all the other sports, where they train "so hard" and don't get the celebrity status or the purse, even though they bust their chops year round.

These NHLers, they are very talented, top of the world, no question, but writing how heroic they are and all the hard work they put in is like writing how awesome Oxygen is, and you have to make sure you breathe. It is THE ONLY thing they do.l They have the best trainers, facilities, nutrition pros available to them because they are SUPPOSED to be training this hard. Those that go above and beyond, get to enjoy more money and success. Athletes do it all for the money.

So young people are idiots for having heroes and money is the only thing that matters in life. Cool. You've got a very open mind. Ill agree to disagree because you've very clearly missed the point. Thanks for reading.

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