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Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
A lot of players hated Bowman in Detroit as well. Early in his tenure mind you.

In Ray Sheppard's biography, he wrote of how excited they were when Bryan Murray hired a coach to replace himself, Ilitch letting him pick, proving management wanted a winner. The wings were a bit leaderless and divided on the ice, and Bryan wanted a coach who could take 16 different egos and gel them into a winner.

The author who wrote the biography Ray went on to say he was shocked after having lunch with the team at how most of the red wing players, especially the leaders, hated Bowman and his style of coaching. One of the problems they had with Murray(Although they loved him) was his being both a coach and GM splitting his attention. Then, Bowman started bypassing Murray and going straight to Ilitch and it was said the players lost any respect they had for Bowman.

It went on about their loss to the Sharks. how Steve Y was rushed back to play before physically ready, and how despite the pounding they gave the sharks 2 games before with their run and gun style(Which they still played), Bowman decreed they were changing up for game 7 with a defense first, no risk taking game and that he would bench anyone not following his plan. Larionov was credited for his ability to defensively take Hart winning Fedorov out of games.

After they lost, Bowman trashed the team in the media about how the whole team "can't or won't play defense. We are not a good team at checking. The forwards are thinking goals and chicago".
I don't personally remember that because it was a Detroit paper, but at the time, I remember Bowman trashing just about everyone defensively except Fedorov and Konstantinov for their lackluster defensive play And Declared he was going to end this run and gun style the team plays and show them how to be winners. If they don't like it, they will be traded.

Obviously, Bowman did what he said and converted the team and gained their respect(Well, not some of them) over the years. But boy did a lot of players hate him.
He was also criticized by Dino who said that "Bowman distance himself too much from his team and it becomes a problem in the locker room". I don't think I ever saw anyone criticizing his startegies or coaching ability. Except those who were discarded or didnt get enough ice-time (Burr, Primeau, Fedorov)

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