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Originally Posted by JackFr View Post
While not disagreeing with the idea that Geno's the man, you can't use that to compare them as players.

In 2011 Crosby undoubtedly gets the Hart, Pearson, and Art Ross, maybe the Rocket. He'd have to cool off to 35 points in 41 games not to, and I can't see him doing that. In the same season, Malkin wasn't even PPG before his injury.

People also forget that Crosby had a mediocre beginning to that season. His tear starting in November through December was ridiculous, but for the beginning of that season it was the Brent Johnson show. People on the Penguins board were panicking at the lack of scoring. In October he had 15 points in 12 games. In the remaining 29 he had 51, a 1.79 PPG. After one scoreless game against the Islanders (a tight-checking game), he gets concussed in the first period of the Winter Classic, and scores 1 point in the next two games.

I think his dominance over the league (which, by the way, he picked up on as soon as he came back) would have continued over much of the rest of the season. I say he ends up with around 120 points on the season with around 55 goals.

Obviously these are hypotheticals. My point is that if this thread intends to diminish Crosby's half season, it fails to take a lot into account (including different scoring levels, his lead over his competition, and his mediocre start.
Believe or not, Stamkos wasn't too far behind him in scoring, both goals and points at that point before Crosby got injured.

Injuries are a part of the game and being healthy is just as important as scoring. Scoring a lot in small bunches (41 games, 20 games) is great and all but Crosby has yet to put it together for an entire season since he won the Art Ross.

Just a comparison, Jagr had 71 Pts in his first 39 games in 1999-00 before getting injured, he did come back after missing 19 games and still put up 96 Pts to capture the Art Ross but the Hart and Rocket both went out the window.

What's to say that if Crosby had come back that same season from the concussion that he doesn't slow down significantly or that he doesn't get the concussion and continues that season and still slows down significantly. The season of 82 games is long, it is very hard to continue the same pace all season long. In fact in Ovechkin'ks last great season, he had a better 50 games start than Crosby had a 41 game start and then he not only got suspended but also missed a few games with an injury, sure he still finished 2nd in league scoring with 109 Pts but he missed out on every single major individual award that season.

Anything can happen throughout a season.

What the purpose of the OP was here was to display that first of all streaks and half seasons are all a part of the game and that sometimes finishing the season with the similar pace is trickier than starting on "fire".

Crosby's half season pace in 2011 doesn't even rank among the top 5 despite what some media outlets tried to sell people (comparing him to Gretzky and Lemieux).

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