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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
No argument here. In my opinion, it should be impossible to max everything. You should be able to reach a few lvl 15s OR max out your rink but not both. There is no strategy in maxing everything. What would make things interesting is if people had to choose between one facility or the other, say, if there was a cap on the total number of facility upgrades you could do. Say that number is 75. You can upgrade facilities 75 times. You could build SA, TF and HR to lvl 15 but then the other 4 would be 7,7,8,8. Catch my drift?

You could go further and give temporary upgrades for winning certain things, insta-builds that expire at the end of a season for example.
I love this idea. The guy running HockeyArena agrees with you. But he did it by raising expenses. It used to be our facilities maxed out at 100%, and you upgraded 1% at a time. Everyone maxed out everything pretty quickly. Now he's upped the max to 250 for training & regeneration. But it costs several million each day to be that high. I'm sitting around 135 and it costs over 1M for each.

But your idea of a max number of upgrades is good too. Expenses would still have to be raised as well. Just to stop people from sitting on 500M. I just dot think PPM is willing to do anything to crazy that would upset the paying customers.

What's the talk in the forms about different servers? There is an article in the Spanish ppm magazine with Tuttle talking about it. Or something.

Anyways, now that that ramble is over to expand on your point. My soccer team is scrounging pennies to get some TFMs build in time for sponsor offers while my hockey team is sitting on over 350M and nothing to spend it on as everything is maxed or under construction with at least 3 weeks to go. The rest is me turning to the internet and bidding 70+M on plays just for the hell of it...
This is exactly what I did after my last post I don't even need him, but I'm watching a mid now. I'm 99% sure that I won't get him, so it's annoying to waste the time.

EDIT: 15-1 in game #2 I feel bad for these guys.

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