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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
The team that he took had a lot of players that he didn't draft on it. So it's not like he did it completely by himself. If anything, I'd argue that he ****ed the team up by drafting a mediocre QB and then ruining him by "not caring" about the offense.

If the Jets want to stick with him, it will be to their detriment. He's not head coaching material.

Look at Ryan season-by-season. He's performed around the average of all Jets coaches.
I don't find him free of blame, but the development of Sanchez, the poor drafting on offense, and ineffectiveness of players isn't totally on him.

Sanchez has regressed, but they don't play to his advantages. He is good on the move, but never roll him out. Play action is big too. Rarely use it. He is not a traditional drop back QB. Neither is Tebow, but they wouldn't do that for himif he played either. They need a good play caller. Sparano isn't that. Neither was schotty to an extent, but he is better than sparano.

Personel sucks too. Need some depth at WR. Kerley and Holmes are good. Keller is as well, but when one is down, nonetheless two, the offense bogs down. Need more skill outside. Hill is promosing, the rest can go.

Lastly, the drafting has been poor. No impact players coming later as starters or even role players. Kerley, Slauson, and that is it out of later rounds (4 through 7). Rounds 1-3 have been okay, minus wilson, ducasse, and others not being as good as they can be.

Removing tanny and sparano is a must. Kavanaugh needs to go as well (QB coach). Hope pettine.comes.back

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