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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
The "Fight Hunger" Bowl is the best. You should hear my uncle rant about that one; I accuse him of being pro-hunger. His rants about Andy Reid go back for years, and his rants about McNabb were legendary. Basically, he's a consumate Philly matter how good the team was doing, they always should have done a little better.

Virginia Tech is currently playing in a bowl I can't name. The Chicken Bowl, or something. I just don't give a flying crap about it. There's too many bowl games, and none of them are played in actual bowls anyways.
On what you quoted me on... I couldn't believe I made such typos... I went back and noticed that it was edited by MSE on 12/24/12... hmmm. Anyway, it was supposed to be 'Anaheim Mighty Ducks Vs the San Diego Big Macs'.

... Back on topic: Many many moons back when I was a wee lad -- I'd say the late-fifties or Early-Sixties -- I remember my very first hearing of a sponsored bowl... IIRC it was the Astro Bluebonnet Bowl. Back then there were very few Bowl games and they were big events and I believe just about all on New Years day... I remember the Rose, Cotton and Rice Bowls... later there were some minor bowls that popped up and in Philly for a short time, at JFK IIRC, we had the Liberty Bowl which moved south after only a couple seasons. I cannot remember all the major bowls, but do remember that it was a big deal and some, such as the Rose Bowl, were designated to conference winners... I do not recall when all the pitty-pat bowls started arising... but I do recall the Bluebonnet Bowl, which was named after a margarine brand of the time. The major Conferences were smaller and less also, back in 'The Day'.

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