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12-26-2012, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
I wasn't suggesting you said only one side is greedy, but some on here are so heckbent on throwing mud they can't see both sides of the situation.
Couldn't agree more:

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
The players only owe it to the fans to sign a long term lockout so that the owners greed will not result in another lockout and work stoppage any time soon.
I've stated numerous times that both sides were to blame for this situation to some extent.

From the Owner's PoV, the lockout isn't happening to ensure that teams like the Maple Leafs can make an even larger profit margin (when they increase ticket prices to offset the increased revenue sharing), but to ensure that the less profitable teams are given a chance to establish a steady fanbase.

I have no doubt that every single one of the NHL owners is greedy as ****, otherwise they wouldn't be billionaires, but I don't believe greed is the driving force behind the proposed changes. It's hard to even take such a claim seriously when almost half of the teams are losing money. All we hear about is PHX this, and PHX that. Guess what? It's not just about PHX, it's about half of the league.

If the likes of Tanenbaum, or the Molson brothers would be the main driving force behind the lockout because of some mad money grab scheme in an otherwise financially stable organization, my feelings towards the PA would probably be different. Ironically, this is pretty much what the PA is trying to pull right now.

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