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12-26-2012, 01:12 PM
It was 4-1.
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Then why are you using a quote from the same sources that I just cited for 'advanced stats' that you said weren't reliable? You can't have it both ways, by using the above quote to prop of Grabovski and then say " that stat is worthless".

Again, your
But you then cite the same source by using an opinion saying Grabovski was a good defensive center that doesn't even kill penalties. A little hypocritical.

Here's the bottom line.

Grabovski was on the ice for .939 GF20 and was on the ice for .939 GA20, when he's on the ice something is going to happen, either his line scores or they are scored against, he plays unsafe mins, it's part of the reason why The Leafs have had trouble protecting leads these 4 past years, you remember this don't you? Leafs habit of blowing leads.

Grabovski's does not know how to play safe mins, being the 29th worst GA team last year, 30th worst 2 of the last 4 years is plenty evidence enough.
You should of actually read the article. He used other statistics to come up with the list.
1. I limited myself to players who have played >2000 minutes of 5v5 zone start adjusted ice time over the past three seasons.

2. I only considered players who had an average opposition goals for per 20 minutes of ice time above 0.800 (i.e. only consider players who played against tough offensive opponents, must have OppGF20>0.800).

3. I then eliminated all forwards with a goals against per 20 minutes of ice time >0.800 (i.e. eliminate players who didn’t get good defensive results, must have GA20<0.800).

4. I then took each players on ice goals against rate and divided it by his line mates goals against rate to ensure that they are performing better than their line mates and make their line mates better defensively (GA20/TMGA20 < 1.00).

5. I then eliminated any players who didn’t have >300 minutes of 4v5 PK ice time over the past 3 seasons.

After doing this I got the following list of players sorted by GA20/TMGA20, or in English sorted by how much better defensively they were than their line mates.
It's been proven again and again why the 5-5 GA/20 stat isn't very reliable when judging a players defensive capabilities, but you keep jumping around it.

It's hilarious how you fault Grabovski for our teams 29th/30th GA, yet not say one thing about our goaltenders, or our shaky defense.

The bottom line is -- watch Grabovski play and you can easily tell he is not as bad as you're making him out to be. If that isn't good enough, read through this thread again with an open mind and lots of people have put reliable statistics out to prove your theory wrong.

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