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Originally Posted by mbhhofr View Post
I don't know what level you play, if any, but I have never b****ed at a player who hit me with the puck unless he told me to get out of the way. I have been on the ice with, who at the time, were some of the best hockey players in the world and never had that problem. You may think that I'm equivalent to the Zamboni Driver or the lady that sells hot chocolate, so be it. However, I've been selected to work national championships in both the USA and Canada and not only did I get paid, I was on the ice for the whole game, no substitutions.

I assume that every one of your passes hit the mark. Every one of your shots on goal never missed the net and went in. Every body check you threw was right on and no player was able to skate around you. Damn, it sounds good to be perfect.
Should have stopped there. Good. And I was addressing a ref that wanted to do otherwise.

The rest of this garbage -

Just an FYI - I always played at the top level, through late teens. Since, I've moved on and have worked in several different organizations, some professional, but I've been lucky enough to be paid to watch hockey games. For the millions of hours of hockey I've played and watch, the majority of refs carry a chip on their shoulder (as you illustrated by getting defensive when you wanted to make this about you, when we were discussing a beer league official) that really hurts the game. The lack of discretion and ability to make in-game decisions to help the actual hockey game being played is embarassing. I'm glad to hear you never (or rarely) feel the need to challenge players in what they are doing. I'm sure you would not tolerate a situation in which the roles were reveresed. I have no issues with refs who stick to their jobs, but going beyond that, and defending such actions is inappropriate for the game.

This same mentality applies to players, coaches, as well, not just picking on refs.

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