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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
IMO the thing about PG is that he isn't a good leader, he is not someone you want as the face of your franchise.

He seems to be to much by the book, I remember there was an article after the Gill trade to the Preds, where Gill talked about how Gauthier was too business like, where as Poile and the Preds connected with their players more. Now ideally you would like to think the management and have the players have a great relationship, but is it really needed to have success?

Also PG was so anti-media, that the second the media got a chance to bash him they went full out. The guy basically tried to block off the media from the team as much as possible, ex. not allowing Timmins to speak before and after the draft, telling scouts, Ast. GM not to speak with the media. Best example, the way he went about trades, telling the players they were traded (so they won't find out thru the media/twiterr ect), but could only tell them where to when the trade was official( by the book). I mean media didn't say or have issue with it in the 2010-11 season when the team was doing well, and he made some trades, but last year, it was the topic they kept talking about.

Overall the guy deserved to get fired, IMO for firing Martin and replacing him with probaly the worst coaching staff in NHL history, the two Randy's and an Ast GM but he wasn't as bad as some ppl make him out to be.
The season was lost in the first week of martins bumbling. If PG didn't fire Martin and go full tank people here would be whining about finishing 9th or 10th and how we also got a terrible pick. No win situation, literally.

PG gave this team its first powerforward and legitimate #1 centre prospect in what like 20 years while only giving up spare parts. The man did more for Montreal in one season than gainey did in his entire waste of time.

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