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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Saw it in the Fantasy forum months back. Still waiting to see exactly how it can be used as a multi-GM/Commish league to determine if I'm in or not. I'd like to restart an old league I participated in and buy a domain, set up the game and have everyone group-share the workload for making the league successful.

Never works when a handful of people have to do everything.
It's going to be bad news for you then. Usually the commish does everything. Sets up the websites, runs the sims, etc...It's like a 2-4 hour/week part time job. As long as you don't have crazy owners it's not too much of a pain in the butt though.

It is definitely multi GM. Everyone updates their rosters, puts in their FA/waiver/trades/etc, and then every GM creates an export file and sends it to an FTP server. The commish picks up the file, executes it into the game, and then runs the game for 7 days and sends out the updated .zip file of the league. Pretty straight forward. Usually takes 15-45 min to process a simulation, and it's usually done 3 times a week. For the commish, it's a pain in the butt. For an owner, it's easy as pie. And trust me, there will be so many rookie commish's out there trying to put out leagues that it might be better to sit on the sidelines for a while and just play as an owner honestly (besides the fact that nobody knows how this is all going to pan out. OOTP is pretty predictable and patches now just have new rosters and a few updates, but I anticipate there will be a HUGE number of initial leagues and many many re-starts after 3-4 seasons as owners burn out, people understand the settings more, commishes decide they don't want to do the work necessary, etc. etc...)... I initially wanted to commish myself, but without proper knowledge of the game, I'm starting to think twice. If I commish something, I want a good product with great settings that avert owner dissension and complaining, because thats what takes up most of a commish's stress and time. It's not possible to do that without knowing what the flaws are in the initial release until I play a few seasons.

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