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12-26-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
So instead of Tavares getting a 10 year deal with a Cap average of $5 mil, he now will get a 5 year deal at $10 mil per with a Cap average at $10 mil and this will help NYI become more profitable and prevent the big rich teams from pillaging him away from the Isles?. A shorter contract term doesn't eliminate contracts that small market teams can't afford only shortens the years they need to pay them out, before its renewed for another 5 year term.
In that sense, there's a few things to consider. One is insurance:

Originally Posted by
The NHL's insurance plan insures player contracts for seven years, and "beyond that, if the player gets hurt, the team is on the hook for the full amount of his contract,"
A star having a career ending injury could potentially cripple a franchise not named Leafs, Rags, Habs, or Canucks for 3 years.

The longer the term, and the larger the year to year variance is (both on PA's agenda), the larger the contract can be "front-loaded", which the league wants to get rid of, for obvious reasons.

Long term contracts are not in the interest of the owners, unless salaries (and cap hits) can be tied to some performance bonuses. We know a lot of things can happen to a player in 10 years that could make GMs / owners regret caving into the player's agent's demands.

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
The reason the Owners want a 10 year deal is because they know they're clawing back HRR%, not paying guaranteed contracts in full and restricting player rights in all areas all to their own benefit at the expense of the NHLPA, and want to lock in those savings for as long as possible now that they have the PA cornered and at their mercy required to surrender to end the owners lockout, or face even more loss of wages in the process.
Let's assume your conspiracy theory is 100% accurate. The players get completely bent over, and don't end up doubling their salary in the next 5 years...

Do you seriously believe all those "greedy owners" would give the poor players anything back, be it 5 years or 10 years from now?

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