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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I don't know why fans make a big deal out of such games... it happens to all the big dogs from time to time. On a personal note I remember my final year of high school hockey, playing a game against the worst team in out city and for 4 years we consistently beat the snot out of, when finally in the 4th year, 2nd last game of the season, they finally gave us a game and boy in the 2nd intermission we were stunned...sometimes the mental side of game really gets a hold of you... I was expecting a more decisive win by the Russians, but I don't think it means anything that it wasn't... and BTW I was cheering for the Slovaks BIG TIME.
Exactly, as someone who plays/played hockey you understand just how big an effect the mindset/mentality can have on the result of the game, especially for amateur hockey players (professionals can often overcome it). I was trying to say the same thing: Nerves, home crowd, high expectations, underestimating Slovakia, and in return Slovakia preparing for the end all be all battle is why this game was so close.

It's easy to say Russia should definately win, but when you're the player on the ice to "just jump on and score more goals" isn't easy at all, no matter the skill level. Especially when you run into a hot goaltender like Nagy today.

Very understandable from a player point of view, yet it does not really represent the difference between two countries accurately.

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