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12-26-2012, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by skywarp75 View Post
its very obvious you didnt watch that cup final series. you keep babbling that lu let in weak goal after weak goal. if you had actualy watched the games, you'd know that the canucks team folded, and was completely non competetive in those games, giving up golden scoring opportunity after golden scoring opportunity, while getting literally zero quality scoring changes themselves. those losses were due to a completely flat team in which maybe 1 or 2 of the 20 players was actually on his game.
As I've said, see Mason in Columbus. That was a substantially worse team and Mason still came out with similar numbers against an equally good opponent. If Vancouver's D allowed more scoring chances than a Columbus team, regardless of year, they wouldn't have made the finals, injured or not.

this is what the haters are so cluless to, is the team game. any other goalie would have lost those games too, and thats a fact. you can argue they might have let in a few less goals, but not that they'd have won the game.
So then the entire team decided to change between being great and terrible between games? Because as I've said, I would think that 1 person being inconsistent in that period of time is a lot more likely than 10-15, because again, if the entire team was that inconsistent, they wouldn't have made the finals.

Are you saying that from Game 2, where Luongo allowed only 2 goals in a .933 sv% effort, to Game 3, where he allowed 8 goals in a .789 sv% effort, that Luongo was still great in both, but half of Vancouver's roster simultaneously stopped being good for one game? Are you saying that from Game 5, where Luongo had a 31 save shutout, to Game 6, where he was pulled after allowing 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, that he wasn't doing bad, but all of Vancouver's players had an off-game at the same time? That's nothing short of ludicrous.

What about in the season prior, where in the Chicago series he had a 3 game sv% stretch of .818 to .967 to .857?

The year before that, he had another 3 game stretch of .903 to .839 to .958.

There are too many examples of Luongo completely changing from an elite goalie to a below-average goalie, then back to elite again for it to possibly be anyone's fault but himself, unless Vancouver has a pre-game meeting every night to roll a die to see how hard they play.

also, if they judge every single goalie in the NHL, only Thomas could be considered 'less of a choker'. which is the funny part, defending a goalie has half as many NHL games played, and might be retired. But Lu is 'inconsistent', even tho he's great every single season, and none of the goalies they claim are better have any of thise consistency.
We're not arguing his regular season consistency. He's horribly inconsistent in the playoffs. Luongo got pulled from the net 5 times that year and recorded 4 shutouts. 9 games out of 25 he was either phenomenal or abysmal. 1/3 of your games being on varying extremes of the good/bad spectrum is horrible inconsistency. Find me another elite goalie who has recently had a playoffs where he got pulled from the game more times than he recorded a shutout before I recognize him being remotely consistent.

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