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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
Oh come on... Do you think they hosted the SAP tournament for free all those years? They manage the arena... They get plenty of revenue from non hockey related activities. Plenty to more than cover the 5 million on average they lose on the Sharks and make a nice profit. They still do need the revenue from the Sharks to make a profit however.
The point is the NHL expanded way too fast. This was the leagues decision to do this and they profited heavily from the fees. Bettman could have instead focused on the 24 teams the NHL had when he was hired, but no... he had to expand. The NHL has the ability to cover some of the mistakes they made, but they are refusing to do so. They want the players to pay for all of it.
Again, you are mixing revenue's. I am talking PURELY about hockey revenue. The SAP open is not hockey related and thus is not relevant. They could host the SAP open with or without the San Jose Sharks franchise. As a businessperson you do not steal from Peter to pay Paul and say "That's a good long term plan". You treat each part of your business as a self sustaining enterprise, if it is unable to do so, you dump it (or change it). Do the San Jose Sharks make a profit, SVSE (hockey related) included? No, and that is all that should be considered. The NHLPA has nothing to do with non-hockey related revenue or events and should not benefit it either monetarily or in negotiations.

You seem to have an emotional thing going on with your defense of the players, and that is fine, but I don't see the business logic. I don't care one iota about the owners or the players emotionally, I'm only speaking on this topic from a business stand point. If the NHL want's to have a successful business they are going to have to 'take' quite a bit from the players to get there. I don't see anyway to run the business AND give players more than half of the revenue. The league would need to go to a whole new level of revenue before that could work, and to get there the players are going to have to 'invest' in the long term health of the league by 'giving' up some money.

Keep in mind, a lot of that 'giving' is simply the closing of some massive and totally unintentional loopholes that should have never existed in the first place.

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