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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
That's the problem and why I wanted to be transparent. Am I being unfair to Barrasso, Joseph, and Beezer? Or is it more fair considering we're light on the 80s goalies as well? No one's really calling for Liut and he has to the best 80s guys left out of the voting right? (I have Fuhr #1 this round FWIW.)

Honestly, Worsley is the one I'm least comfortable with. So if I'm being too kind to the older guys I'd probably take the birth year arguments out on him.

Is there a good reason to take Barrasso or Cujo over that Lumley, Rayner, and Holmes group? I wouldn't call those guys weak HHOFers so are we at the point that goalies just outside of the Hall are better than merited HHOFers?

I gave you my top 5, but Barraso and Cujo are comfortably holding down 6 and 7 in an undecided order and I'd be glad to bump them up as seems fit. I just don't see how I could get them any higher than above Worsley so help me see where I'm erring.
Transparency is definitely a good thing.

I think Hawkey Town made a great point in Post 195 when he asked if any goalie left other than perhaps Fuhr accomplished more in a 10 year period than Tom Barrasso did. After examining the goalies left, I think Chuck Rayner is the only one with a record over 10 years that can compare, depending on how much credit you want to give him for the war years. I don't think Rayner can get full credit like someone like Brimsek or Milt Schmdt, who was a star for years both before and after the war. But Rayner needs to get some credit, as he was a 3rd Team AS the season before the War, and a star-calibre player for years afterwards. This isn't Ken Reardon, who was a star for years after the war, but didn't get any recognition beforehand, Rayner did get recognition before the war, but only in his final season before leaving.

I'm leaning towards Rayner over Barrasso just because of the Hart Trophy, but I think it says something that Barrasso had a 10 year stretch that probably compares favorably to everyone else left but Fuhr.

As for the HHOF, I think Barrasso would have already been inducted if he wasn't such a jerk to the media and sometimes his teammates. The HHOF normally would not keep out someone who was a 5-time Vezina finalist (with 1 win) who won 2 Cups (and not as a passenger).

It's possible that I'm trying too hard to have another "modern" goalie added sooner rather than later, but I think Barrasso's record stands up well against almost anyone who is left.

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