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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
The point some of us are making is that the return is so pitiful that we're better off with just having Hanrahan and letting him go next year. The team is already clogged with Jerry Sands types, there is really nothing of significant use gained by this trade except we lose our all-star closer for a bunch of spare parts.

When this was initially discussed it was Iglesias who was supposed to be the focal point of this trade, the rug was pulled out from under us and instead of getting a good solid prospect to build around in the future that wouldve fit the team very well we then seemed to have just made a trade for the sake of getting rid of Hanrahan.
That would make this a baseball move. Joel Hanrahan was gone the minute they signed Jason Grilli. Keeping both is not in this organization's DNA. Grilli was picked to stay as he could be had for less.

As an aside, this guy a few weeks ago broke down the past two decades of FA signings by the Pirares. Frightening list once you put it all in one place. Three good signings that lasted the entire year. That is it:


Frank Bolick
Mackey Sasser
Zane Smith
Lance Parrish
Charlie Hayes
Mike Kingery
Doug Strange
Pete Schourek
Pat Meares
Luis Sojo
Mike Benjamin
Derek Bell
Ron Villone
Pokey Reese
Raul Mondesi
Jeff D'Amico
Chris Stynes
Ramon Vasquez
Chris Gomez
Joe Randa
Ryan Church
Tony Armas, Jr.
Jeromy Burnitz
Bobby Crosby
Joe Beimel
Lyle Overbay
Matt Diaz
Rod Barajas
Clint Barmes (jury's still out but, yeah)
Erik Bedard


Dale Sveum
Kevin Elster
Chris Singleton (never played/voided)

Not bad or okay (the players who just missed the top-10 list)

Dan Plesac
Mike Williams
Brian Boehringer
Julian Tavarez
Jose Mesa
Daryle Ward
Doug Mientkiewicz
Eric Hinske
Kevin Correia

Good for a half-season (traded)

Danny Darwin
Wil Cordero
Terry Mulholland
Kenny Lofton
Jeff Suppan
Roberto Hernandez
Javier Lopez

Good for a full season (not traded)

Ed Sprague
Reggie Sanders
Matt Stairs

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