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12-26-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by jayball75 View Post

3 times to beat Chicago... you realize its a team-game, right? And mental abuse??? if so, wouldn't beating them have reversed any affects, making him stronger mentally? For a guy with a "peewee mind", he seemed to handle the Olympics better than Brodeur...

When you say stuff like " wherever he plays he'll be a playoff choker", it seems like you don't understand how the team in front of the goalie affects the game, or maybe you are just concerned with having "fun".

Go ahead and have your own opinions, but its clear that you don't like Luongo, and don't factor in the play of the guys in front of him or the style of hockey they play.
Yes I understand its a team game but you don't understand the difference between a couple of forwards playing in consistant or a couple D playing bad is different than the goalie. Bench the players or have play reduced time. But what do you do when the goalie is letting in 15 goals in three games and is deflating the team at a crucial time. T T won the CS for a reason and it was keeping the puck out whether the team was good or bad. It was luongo that needed his tires pumped

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