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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Well its a catch 22, I understand how the media can really screw things up, ex Bobby Ryan kept hearing his name in rumours so much, that in the summer I remember Bob McKenzie reporting that he wanted wanted out of Anaheim. But at the same time as a fan I would like to have some sort of access to the team, example; it was great seeing watching Timmins talk openly before and after the draft.
Timmins and company would be free to talk to the media and share their views if it weren't for the hostile and frankly, toxic, environment of Montreal sports journalism. The Mike Cammalleri fiasco is just a prime example of Dave Stubbs' worthlessness, the man didn't write a word about the powerplay or the team or upcoming prospects or anything hockey related all season but instead chose to focus on Spacek's eating habits, This Day In Habs History and smelly off-the-record allusions to gossip (I remember, I went through all his columns in my morning routine).

Beyond worthless, they're damaging: Look at the E.Kane bull in Winnipeg where the beat writer states that he wants Kane, their best prospect and face of the franchise, gone because he took a picture in Vegas. These people exist to self their own interests - a bunch of low-browed, bent-backed losers who never made it in sports decide to comment instead and protect their own niche brand of crap. As if their input is required more than 10% of the time. Instead of writing about the team, about the players, about the TACTICS OF THE SPORT or the state of the GAME they choose to write gossip and ad hominems and worthless reactionary told-ya-so's.

Gauthier had every right to hate the media and block them out and I really hope Bergevin remains cordial but distant from the media too. In no way shape or form will they EVER be a positive presence for the team.

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