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12-26-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Zetterberg View Post
He DID do research. I can clearly see him pointing out statistics and facts. Saying "nuh uh, that's dumb." doesn't invalidate all of that, it only negates your own credibility.

Let's compare to another team then. Personally, I would take an injured Vancouver squad over a healthy Columbus squad.

Mason's 10-11 percentage of regular season games at .850 sv% or lower: 24%
Luongo's 10-11 playoff games at .850 sv% or lower: 28%

I think it's safe to say that losing was Luongo's fault, unless you want to call Steve Mason an elite goaltender who can steal games.
When his entire argument boils into a thinly veiled bash of Luongo, devolving further by disregarding every additional factor due to insufficient research or an understanding of the Canucks, then I am well within my right to call it accordingly. There were no facts, just blind assumptions that because Luongo had a poor save percentage, it was his fault.

I fail to see the point of your statistics? Our injuries rendered us a comparable team to Columbus? Not surprisingly, we performed to the expectations people might ave had they somehow warped into that final series. When your only healthy defense consists of Ballard, Tanev, Rome and Alberts. You cannot blame the goalie.

Luongo performed poorly in only one game prior to the Boston series. I find it curious this conveniently ignored, thus facilitating a means to devalue him. It couldn't possibly have to do with our injuries catching up to us. No, Luongo is simply an awful goalie. That must be it.

Originally Posted by BayStBullies View Post
If Luongo's play dipped signufacantly due to the injured players in front of him; it just goes to prove he is a by product of playing for a stacked team.

You don't think he is sheltered most of the time?

This proves that.

Supposed injuries in the playoffs don't matter; go by man fames lost, or don't bother. Which players dropped out of the lineup at a time that corresponds to the decline of Luongo?

Newsflash; most hockey players play injured in the playoffs. Your team is soft; using injuries as an excuse to overlook the deficiencies in their game. Not a shock from a team that blames the refs every loss. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
Yes, why use a perfectly valid reason to explain a suddenly horrendous performance, especially when it was reported two players were injured to the extent of taking painkillers between periods just to skate. No one is claiming injuries were our only issue nor that Luongo is infallible. What is being said is they were among the reasons.

Because Toronto fans never blame the refs. Nope, that is exclusively a Vancouver thing. What I've seen on your Game Day Boards, alongside every other one on this forum is merely a figment of my imagination. I'm also certain Boston fans never claim the refs favor Montreal, or that people think Boston had some form of favoritism in the playoffs. Again, nope, only Canuck fans blame the refs. Evidently, you do not frequent our board. This fanbase is arguably the most cynical here. If we're not winning, we suck. There is a reason Kesler or Edler suddenly became trade bait to some.

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