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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
I should first stipulate that in the limited viewings of Wikstrand that i have had, he has impressed me. Impressive statistics, tool box and development curve. Definitely an interesting prospect.

However, the last line you give somewhat contradicts the whole opinion. If one game can affect your thinking on a player, then something is fundamentally wrong. If one game can change your mind, then your sample size before likely isn't strong enough, or you're simply a fickle evaluator of talent. People make this mistake far too often with both team and players. They see one game where a player plays poorly (especially perhaps relative to the hype) and adjust their opinion. Realistically, teams and players (young players especially) will vary from game to game in performance.

We shouldn't be bothering to talk about Wikstrand relative to an NHL draft. He's been drafted. The draft for all players taken in 2012 is irrelevant (outside of money for contracts) ; it is what lays ahead that is important. Wikstrand seems to be a very promising player who could one day become a solid NHL player, or more. No need to bring pointless discussions of the NHL draft back ; it's done and dusted.
"Adjust my thinking" is very vague but it seems like you assumed what I meant, and I guess that's not unexpected.

If he sucks against Canada say, it'll be a D mark to go with some A marks. Meaning "continue to evaluate to find his consistent level". Opinions on players are pretty volatile in the early going. I don't expect him to suck against Canada but its those games that will carry a lot of weight.

To be fair, he's been turning heads all year this is just our first chance to see him. Easy for me to say he's better than I expected.

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