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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
I love this idea. The guy running HockeyArena agrees with you. But he did it by raising expenses. It used to be our facilities maxed out at 100%, and you upgraded 1% at a time. Everyone maxed out everything pretty quickly. Now he's upped the max to 250 for training & regeneration. But it costs several million each day to be that high. I'm sitting around 135 and it costs over 1M for each.

But your idea of a max number of upgrades is good too. Expenses would still have to be raised as well. Just to stop people from sitting on 500M. I just dot think PPM is willing to do anything to crazy that would upset the paying customers.
What's a rough HAPM currency ratio?

I think of my TF as being at level 22.5 and costing 650k a day to maintain. I'm not sure how many teams can afford to have the Big 4 with maxed facilities and staff (minus scouting for managers), but I would assume that the top 0.1% or so can/will be able to.

What's the talk in the forms about different servers? There is an article in the Spanish ppm magazine with Tuttle talking about it. Or something.
This article (in English)?

"What can the managers look forward to in 2013?

The biggest news which wasn't published yet, is that we plan to launch a brand new version of soccer or hockey server. The biggest disadvantage of PPM is, that the people who join the game after three or four years are demotivated and the game is not the same for them. We would like to do something like "hockey 2" or "soccer 2", that means new server where everyone will start from scratch and it will be very similar to the current one. The biggest issues will be dealt with and some smaller details which people complain about will also be addressed. For example I can tell you that we would like to have 2 games a day. But all of this is very complicated and it's still only a plan at the moment."

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