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12-26-2012, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by JmanWingsFan View Post
I wonder what would happen if in fact the NHL does void all the players contracts what would happen... FA Frenzy's heaven? Would all the ELC be voided as well?
In theory that is what would happen. I would be surprised if the Owners truly want to go this far. However I doubt it works out very well for any of the players aside from the superstars and a few of the high prospect type draft age kids. It turns into the European system and guess what look up what those guys actual salaries are, they aren't what you think. The lesser guys make a whole lot less too. You sign your rights away to a team and then they can sell you whenever they want. When you hear so and so was sold for 40 million dollars over there he still signs a contract for 5 million and soccer is a heck of a lot more popular. There salaries are just now starting to explode, but look at a brand like Messi compared to hockey players and realize the only salaries he beats are in the NHL. The top players in the NFL, NBA and MLB all take in more in their actual base salary. He makes up the difference by being more marketable since roughly 6 billion people follow soccer and know who he is.

My guess is the players would wind up with less as a group if this played out. Sure Crosby and Malkin might make north of 10 million a year in Toronto, but the rest of the guys won't make as much. The AHL would become a reserve league, this would have huge impact on the way we know sports in North America and my guess is once people saw it aside from the four or five power teams it would make them sick to their stomach.

By the way in my opinion this would also allow the KHL a much better window into cracking the best league discussion. You would wind up with 5 to 8 big paying NHL clubs and something similar in the KHL. They could have a champions style league, but like I said the big motive of playing with the best might disappear and these guys will become more hired guns than they even are right now. This kind of system worries me a lot to be honest. It is a free market and that is fine, but just be prepared for a lot of the other issues that will arise.

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