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12-26-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by DJ Spinoza View Post
Agreed--this is exactly what I meant when I said, "would the Rays have made this trade?" However, asking that trade cuts both ways, because the Rays would have sold high in the middle of 2011.

Fairly average all the way around. I can't imagine moving him mid-season nets a better deal. At that point, they'd probably get two Pimentel-type players. Melancon alone is capable of outproducing Hanrahan in 2013, and will be under control for at least another year.

The remaining interesting questions for 2013 are whether another free agent will be added and whether they will try to flip Jones. I'm hoping for "no" on the second point, and it's hard to envision any more free agent acquisitions. I'm not aware who is left that fills a position of need.
I prefer Hanrahans k/9 over Melancon, the walks are less for Melancon but I like a late innings reliever preferably to miss bats more. Pirates arent exactly loaded up with those kinds of guys.

Hanrahan gave this club 3 solid years stat wise, we are in agreement that the trade shouldve been done last year but I guess the part we arent in agreement on is if there is some value to what he produces now. Back then the potential yield in a trade outweighed his usefulness to the team, right now I would say the lack of quality return in a trade makes him more useful for us to keep him. That ship sailed though and now we gotta eat it. This just has a bad appearance as this trade is just a walking stereotype of a typical Pirates move. A solid and usefull player that is making some decent money is shipped off for a collection of prospects who will likely never amount to what Hanrahan did.

I know I sound like I am down on prospects which is funny coming from me. Hanrahan isnt exactly old and he had a rough second half to last year but so did most of the entire team. For a good period of time he was one of the best relievers in all of baseball and this is what we get for him? The MLB roster absolutely got worse making this deal and the long term benefits are completely up in the air but they don't look all that bright as there isnt a ton up upside in the prospects. The argument that comes back is that he's too expensive but this is coming from a team that has had significant gains in attendance the last few years and the other revenue streams that come with that such as increased merchandising yet the salary hasnt really risen all that much. The guys making the big money are largely subsidized by their former clubs, this team is still with the bottom dwellers in salary spent out. I don't get on the GM's case for not wasting money on an overpaid UFA but in the case like this we hamstring ourselves to a mediocre if not bad trade and make the team worse just to save a few bucks for one season. It's this kind of crap that makes me really question whether there is a serious commitment from the top to field a winning baseball team.

/rant over

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