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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Parity in MLB, huh?

Only one team in the last 20 years has won the World Series without a top half the league payroll. The 2003 Florida Marlins then they sold all their players to the highest bidder. You can prefer that system but don't pretend it is fair. Detroit will probably be fine, we will see what the next era of Ilitch ownership brings though shortly so be careful what you wish for.
Since when is winning the championship the ultimate measure of parity? Winning the World Series is the crapshootiest crapshoot of all times. Yes, blatantly ignore the fact that as is over half the teams in the MLB is capable of an over .500 record. Oh yeah... The cheapskate Rays won 90 games, the cheapskate Orioles made it to the playoffs and nearly kicked the Yankees out of the first round. Oakland, probably the cheapest of any team in the AL, made it into the postseason and won their division. Don't be shocked if the Indians make a run this year. That's what competition is. Many teams are also spending more money. So the system does encourage spending money.

Man, someone needs to eat crow cause they bet Oakland and Baltimore would flame out against me.

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