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Originally Posted by Illinest View Post
Holt is not a loss to us. His maximum upside is as a slap-hitting, crappy fielding 2b.
That's not to say that he can't have a career in baseball, but it is not likely that he would ever beat out Walker for the starting 2B job or any number of better fielders for the backup MIF job. His best bet is to find a team where he can provide some batting average to a team that doesn't already have a superior starter at 2B.

Return for Hanrahan was crap compared to what it should've been, but at this point in his career i think we actually got fair value for him. Melancon is more comparable to Hanrahan than some of you guys seem to realize. His poor 2012 was heavily affected by HRs. He played half of his games in Fenway and a bunch in Yankee stadium so I suspect that stat will correct itself at PNC. For Hanrahan's part he was actually not very good last year. What would you guys trade for a 7 million dollar reliever who by advanced stats should've had an ERA of around 5? We got a replacement pitcher who might outperform Hanrahan all by himself, who is also cheap and under control.

I think it's an okay trade. Not the one we deserved but not the one we feared either.
Exactly, then why trade him? He showed this summer he has the potential to be an every day 2nd baseman. That's a lot more than I can say about the players we received. I just think Holt will have more of an impact then the players we got in return. I don't understand why he was traded.

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