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12-26-2012, 07:35 PM
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Here are Gomes and Cespedes at the Coliseum vs Comerica which I consider to be the most brutal in the majors for homeruns.



The data shows that Gomes and Cespedes have pretty much "true" power, meaning effective at most or all venues. Gomes only lost 1 in the worst park in the majors. Cespedes lost 4, but all of them were to dead center. Since most homeruns are to left or right, that's the number I consider to be most important and he didn't lose any there.

Now take Curtis Granderson.

He loses 11 at Comerica, and of those 11, 9 are in the happy zones. So he doesn't have true power relative to Cespedes and Gomes and feeds off his home stadium more so than Gomes and Cespedes do.

Granderson is an exception though. Most decent power hitters: guys who can pop at least 15 in a season, show true power tendencies. There's also parks that are exceptions. Fenway is so brutal on lefties that almost all homerun stats are skewed there for left-handed hitters.

So ballparks do have some effects, you can't deny that.

But generally speaking those effects aren't huge league wide, and much smaller than they're made out to be. The wide gap in power supply between say, the Mets and the Yankees, has much, much more to do with their respective lineups than the stadiums they play in....expect Granderson

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