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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
We have conflicting information regarding the increase in players payroll. I got my numbers from Bloomberg. Where did you get yours?

So Bettman takes no responsibility for the numerous expansions that happened about 5 years after he was hired as comish? Were talking about 98-00; thats four out of the six by my count
Average player salaries. You can take total HRR as reported and use the appropriate multiplier. Use 700 (approx. number) as the divisor to get avg. salary. Or, you can multiply 2.1bil by 54% as the starting point and 3.3bil by 57% as the endpoint and figure the difference.


The above method yields a 65% increase in salary.

The last 4 teams added were planned before Bettman's watch. I have no idea if he was involved in venue or ownership selection for those franchises or if they were pre-planned on the details. AIUI, they were going to add 4 but Bettman was involved in the selection of which 4. At the time, the Canadian dollar was in the tank so there was no chance of a Canadian entry during that era.

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