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12-26-2012, 08:27 PM
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Are taxis pricey in the greater metro area of DC? I have a couple interviews back-to-back on 3 consecutive days at the end of January in the same office building (part of a job fair hookup from my university). It is out in Chantilly, which appears to be a bit away from all the hubub. With some work I have to take, and having gotten to see DC not too long ago in terms of tourist stuff, I was thinking of not getting a rental car to save some money. I'd be getting in the evening of a weekday, staying 3 nights, and leaving that last afternoon. So, basically, shuttle from the airport to my hotel and back at the end, along with 3 round-trip cab fairs from my hotel to the interview spots. It just seems like it should be a ton cheaper to do that than pay a rental fee for ~3-4 days. Thoughts?

I am a simple man from a small Midwestern town, so I figured asking big city people for an opinion was a good idea in case I am missing something obvious. Thanks!

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