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12-26-2012, 08:40 PM
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Honestly though, as long as there is a season (and most importantly playoffs) I don't see much damage coming long-term. Everything that was said about the NHL during this lockout regarding damage was said about the NBA last year (even down to the part where people said they should worry that it seems no one cares) and then they had one of their best seasons in terms of attendance and viewership. Of course they didn't have a season like 04-05 preceding it, but still I think for this generation of fan labor issues is an accepted fact.

The playoffs are all the matters. Regular season is just really a prelude to that. Every facet of the league's business is based around the playoffs. You have a playoff and the lockout gets forgotten. Now miss the playoffs that is when damage occurs.

I think they could go down to as little as a 12 game season with every team making the playoffs (basically a big tournament) and the league would be fine.

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