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12-26-2012, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Hennig View Post
The Leafs give up more goals over 60 minutes when Grabovski is off the ice, and when he is on the ice, the Leafs consistently outshoot their opponents. In 2010-2011, Grabovski went a team high +14 on a team with a -33 goal differential. If we look at adjusted Corsi, Grabovski came in third in the entire league last year only behind Ryan Kesler, and Patrice Bergeron. He is a good two way center, I'm baffled at how you can try and argue that. Interactif, you can cherry pick all the stats you want, but Grabovski is without a doubt our best centerman, and as the poll shows, the majority of HF believes Grabovski is a top six C on a contender.
Remember this post? Especially the bolded part? Now that the facts are in and The Leafs do not give up more goals when Grabovski is not on the ice, you claim GA20 stats are faulty. You even cherry picked Grabovski's best season ignoring his other 3 years with the Leafs and most recent season, it's obvious you are trying way too hard to prop him up as some sort of great defensive centre, when all the evidence I pointed out here says he is not.

Does the Grabovski line know how to protect a lead, they are at their best when they are attacking, they don't chip in pucks or sit back and trap when the Leafs have a lead, this is why the Leafs blow so many leads when Ron Wilson was the Leafs coach. Grabovski doesn't know how to trap or defend, when they are not attacking they are a liability as evidenced by his .939 GF20 and .939 GA20. There is no escaping the cold hard stats.

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