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Originally Posted by dtones520 View Post
From a credit standpoint you cannot be forced to pay, most, debts that are seven years or older. How that would apply to something like this, I do not know.

I can't figure out how this has taken 32 years to come out though? Especially since the Wings have been Detroits most successful sports franchise recently and historically. You would think the city would have done something about it by now, hell you would have thought they would have done something after the first year.
Detroit is the height or dysfunction. In Windsor, I had a neighbor who was home everyday. I asked him where he worked. He said he worked for Detroit Public Schools managing old unused buildings. After about 15 years of never getting any money to maintain the buildings and watching them fall into disrepair, he stopped going to work. They just kept sending the checks and never asked him anything.
With the Ilitch case it's not hard to envision that someone early on never bothered to set up the apparatus to collect money for the city

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