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Originally Posted by Qward View Post
Ah there's the rub!

You make it sound trivial, but that one fact is what makes a world of difference.

We traded Kovalev to you for a 7th because we were out of the playoffs and there was no point in keeping Kovy.

If Ottawa had a plethora of defence and were trying to make room for players while playing Gonchar base minutes just using him for PP then that would be one thing. He eats up a lot of minutes, adds leadership and more.

Karlsson has learned from Gonchar, as has Cowen. You could see it when they played. If Cowen made an error, Gonchar was there to encourage him and help guide him.

We are not (well most of us) overvaluing Gonchar. It is simple, we have a hole, trading Gonchar makes that hole bigger. The trade reward would have to be worth it for Ottawa to take the risk.
Also, and this goes without saying:
"2011-12 Gonchar" >>>>>> "2010-11 Kovalev"

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