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12-26-2012, 11:12 PM
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Again thanks for all the input guys. Just a little update. I went down to wilmington and bought myself some gear.

Purchased a Bauer Helmet, started with a medium, moved to a large as it was putting a bunch of pressure on the sides of my head so we tried a large that had to collapse most of the way in to fit on the front and back. The helmet contours to my head pretty nicely and has memory foam. I know from wearing a kevlar (USMC helmet) that doesn't fit the pressure on the side of the head becomes unbearable pretty quickly. Went with a medium cage to get the chin pad fit correctly.

Got a "bauer Nexus p92" stick. Seemed to have a nice mild curve and a "5" lie that fit my stance on skates pretty well.

Bought my first pair of ice skates. Tried on the Bauer Vapors, the Bauer Supremes. Both seemed to induce the same pain as the Mission inline skates I have. the guy in the shop said that maybe I would be a better fit for reeboks. So I tried on the 14k. GAME OVER, as soon as I tried them on they instantly felt like they were made for my feet. Where the Vapors seem to induce arch pain, and the supremes didn't really fit my heel these made nice contact without pressure all the way around my foot and ankle. I bought them and a quick sharpening later I was out skating around on them. Stayed on the ice (public skate) just doing circles for about 45 minutes. No pain except for the knee I fell down on during my attempt at a stop (failhammer). Took them back in got them baked for good measure.

Also the guy at the shop baked my mission inline skates for free since I spent like 500 bucks on other stuff. Overall I got much more in tune with how a skate can/should feel on the foot. Only thing he didn't have available was a girdle which I plan to buy in the next day or so.

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