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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
What the super feet might do for you is:

1. support your arch against the pressure from the tightness of the skate pushing downward in the middle
2. shorten your foot, or at least not forcing it to lengthen by collapsing your arch

both might alleviate some of the problems and is worth a try. Superfeet guarantee they will work, so you can take them back if they don't (they might not, but nothing to lose trying them)
So if I'm understanding this correctly they effectively "add" arch to the skate? If so I am thinking this will make it worse as the arch area of the skate seems to be the tightest part for me.

While trying on some other skates that induced the aforementioned pain it really tried to focus on where the pressure points from the skate were. It was in three areas: the bottom and inside of my arch, the bone protruding from the outer edge of the foot (not ankle, the foot itself), and the bottom and inside of the ball of my feet.

When I tried on the 14k's this pressure was not there, these areas still made contact but were not cramped like on the other skates. With this in mind does it sound like said "superfeet" would improve my situation or actually just make it worse?

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