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12-26-2012, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by HeliDevil View Post
Seriously considering getting into the NBA. With school over and plenty of time on my hands plus no NHL, I'll need something to watch. Could only root for the Bulls but the game vs Houston last night was not a good night to start watching them. Still not sure if it can keep my interest though.
If you're going to, I wouldn't focus on getting caught up with a team first. Watch a variety of teams, watch the best players on those teams, etc. Not saying find a new team. If you want to root for the Bulls (I'm assuming the local team?) then by all means go ahead down the line. But gain an appreciation for the league, or the stars of the league, or any assorted players for that matter, first. That's the way I watch the NBA these days. Although I used to have my team affiliation and since abandoned that years ago. I watch the NBA the way I do now because I love the sport of basketball too much and just don't have the passion for college sports to get into college b-ball any earlier than February (with the exception of Seton Hall basketball).

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