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12-26-2012, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I agree with you.

Stortini (who I think is a horrible fighter by the way) has become the scapegoat for the Gauthier fans who oohed and aaahed each draft pick by Timmins and pointless trades made by the Goat.

Now that those players are finally getting a chance to show what they've got in Hamilton.......and losing with very little offensive punch......the scapegoat has to be named. And Stortini it is.

Stortini is the reason the Bulldogs cannot score. Stortini is the reason that Hamilton is in last place.

I remember reading all the posts last year about Patrick Holland and how the kid was this awesome prospect. 28 games later with only 8 points and a -8, it's Stortini's fault.

It's sad when Mike Blunden is the third leading scorer on the team. But then again, that is Stortini's fault.
Curious, where did you read people saying that all the team issues are because of Stortini? I'm failing to see how you jumped from comments of not liking Stortini's presence in the lineup/ice/team all the way to blaming him for the team losing. Not just you, several people bring this up.

I despise that Stortini takes up icetime as one of the few veteran players on this team, yet I won't blame the team's record on him. There are several issues that I see on this team:

1. Terrible special teams (PP and PK)
2. Lack of Offensive creativity or finish
3. Team has a tendency of getting mixed up in the D zone and running around

I blame the management for the team's record. Veteran AHLers like Chaput (Boyce before him), and even Blunden get top 6 min/pp time. Veteran players like Stortini and Hagel get 3rd liner type regular 5 on 5 minutes/shifts. I understand wanting to play the actual prospects...but if you are going to give icetime to veterans at least get someone who'll use the icetime to make the team win. Especially with the lockout, it couldn't have been hard to sign a good AHLer with high skill level to play Chaput's and Stortini's roles and icetime.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Chaput and Stortini. I just hate that they are taking up the veteran role that someone with actual impact ability could be filling without affecting the team's goal of playing the prospects (which I agree with).

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