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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
Maybe the non-Canadians simply weren't as good in those years. Makes sense that with more teams, they'd be more watered down.
It's possible but with the Canadian track record at all of the international tournaments it's unlikely a major factor IMO.

Plus it's only 9 more teams that played through out much of the 80's.

If you look a the increase of the number of non traditional Canadian markets, like BC and the Maritimes as whole, they are producing more in terms of quality and quantity, than the 9(30) difference would seem to indicate.

there has also been 30 teams since 01, it would be more probable that a small blip might occur on expansion years but there are other factors in play in the 90's were expansion occurred but scoring went down overall even with the influx of lots of new talent from all European countries and the United states. Some of those are coaching, goal tending equipment and techniques and many others.

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