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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
While it turned out good with us getting Gally, you can't seriously say that PG plan was to tank when he fired Martin, specially when he got Kaberle after firing JM to help the PP.

I really believe the team would have made the playoffs with JM. The team was 13-12-7 with JM and that was after a 1-5-3 start, and I think don't think he even got a chance to have Kaberle play for him.
He cans martin mid season and replaces him with RC who has no head coach experience and the knowledge he wasn't going to be "the guy". How much more obvious can one man tank? He dumped Cammy, Spacek and a bunch of spare parts. You can believe we were going to the playoffs all you want, with martin we were going nowhere.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
How the hell does running a team into the ground give you the right to boast about the system the league has in place to reward the poorly managed teams.

Gauthier was an unmitigated disaster, he left Bergevin an organization in shambles. Wake up.
He ran the team into the ground? Funny I see him acquiring a leader and 35 goal scoring power forward who has taken Pacioretty under his wing and helped his line reach insane levels. Who knows how good Desharnais would be if he was stuck on the third line playing with a couple grinders and no Cole.

We also drafted an elite centre who could become the face of this franchise for the next 10 years in Galchenyuk not to mention a myriad of players who are dominating at their own levels after Gauthier intentionally acquired picks for spare parts. This isn't even mentioning the extra 2 picks we have in this draft which could be the deepest draft since what 2003? 4 picks that could all net us impact players. Not to mention Eller who looks like a beast in the making but lets not forget who brought Emelin over to join this squad.

Kaberle had a low point but he is a dman who can net you 40 points a season for 4.2 million, go find me a similar dman and tell me his price. Bourque had another low season but regularly nets 20+ goals a season, again go find me another comparable please.

Gomez is almost off the books, Markov/Gionta/Bourque hopefully will be healthy. Is this the disaster you mention? Where are the bloated contracts and lost assets? Did Gauthier dump half the roster for nothing and fill it with overpaid/undersized mercenaries? Nope.

If Gauthier was a disaster what was Gainey & most of his predecessors? To me I see nothing but smart calculated moves that Bergevin is going to profit from immensely. Gauthier got the **** sandwich, Bergevin gets to play the savior.

edit: For funzies, tell me the last time we have 2 - 30 goal scorers.

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