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12-27-2012, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by clayton magnet View Post
I never said I thought there was anything wrong or incorrect with what he said, I just can't see guys like the nuge, eberle, and hall really befriending a guy calling out a team they take a lot of pride in. I just don't feel Yak is going to meld with the group that well.
I honestly am not at all worried about it. Yak has played in NA for a while now. He knows the NA game. He knows it's somewhat more "beligerant and rambunctious" aka "dirtier" than most of the overseas nations.

I think he's simply willing to say what a lot of others also know but just don't say as blatantly.

Hell we can see with our own eyes that North American players play a more borderline/aggressive style... and that's part of the "Canadian way"... for better or worse.

Once Yak and the rest of the Oilers are together (if the lockout ever ends) I have no doubt they will bond well together and I don't think there will be any problems with Yak seeing his own teammates as dirty players.

Remember also that the Oilers in general are a pretty soft team and he'll fit right in as we all complain about other teams pushing the Oilers around and being aggressive with the young guns.

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