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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Gut feeling is all you've got too, and the fact is that Cain is the best wrestler in the UFC's heavyweight division, not just good.

Cain also had a knee injury, that's why I just said it was two guys with bum knees in a fight, how can anyone make sense of that?

Yes, Junior was taken down by two average wrestlers, and guys like Yvel and Cro Cop shockingly couldn't manage to take him down. In fact the guy who tried to take him down 7 times gassed out about a minute into that fight, so how does that have any bearing on how Junior will fight against a fighter who can, as far as we know, go three rounds without gassing?

This is just like Brock/Cain in many respects. Everyone hailed how great a wrestler Brock was, neglecting to acknowledge the opposition he had faced on that road. He took down everyone, only went down once. I picked Cain in that fight. People are saying that dos Santos has such great takedown defense, once again, neglecting to acknowledge the opposition he faced on his road to the belt. Then he went out there with a bum knee and beat another guy with a bum knee. As far as we know both guys are at full strength this time. Junior is facing the best wrestler in the division, a guy who before that fight a year ago has taken down every single fighter he's tried to take down, and once getting them down, absolutely dominated them.

That's not to say Cain doesn't have his flaws, but more times than not the great wrestler is going to beat the great boxer. Cain's boxing is pretty good too. We have seen this in every other weight division and it applies at heavyweight as well. The title fights this year tend to prove that.

In fact, you're the one acting like there's no way Junior can lose the fight when you just said so yourself that he has been taken down, and it's obvious that the fighters Junior has faced are not great wrestlers. Everyone else seems to be pretty aware that it's a pick em fight.
Id you're gonna argue that JDS only has good tdd because the guys he has fought aren't as good of wrestler as Cain, then I can just as easily say Cain's wrestling only looks so good because he is taking guys down with lesser tdd then that of JDS.

JDS has spent a whopping 13 seconds on his back in the UFC, saying Carwin is not a good wrestler is flat out lie and bias to help fit your argument, he was a Division II national champ and stuffed Brock easy until he completely gassed himself out. Am i saying Carwin is a better wrestler then Velasquez, no, but saying he isn't a good wrestler is silly.

Another point that is completely overlooked is the mental aspect, Cain is going into a fight with a guy who has knocked him out, he is a human and just like anyone else that is gonna be in his head a lot going into the fight.

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