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12-27-2012, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Jays fans taking it personally that casual observers here are not just giving them the east title when power houses such as the Yankees are still in the division.

I think some site puts the Jays at 16 WAR with all the moves they made over last year. Thats still not enough to beat the Yankees or the Rays, and with all the moves the Red Sox have made, I would put them above the Jays also, not even mentioning the O's who will have full years from Machado and Bundy.

You have to remeber, the Jays were a horrible team last year, closer to the Royals then the elite of the east. Sure, they had injuries, but they wernt the only team that did. Couple the fact that some of the players they recieved are perputually injury prone, you have to take into consideration exactly what they are....a last place team.

The division is too stacked, and throw out the fact that the Jays now have one of the worst minor league systems in baseball, you have to think what specificly can they aquire come the trading deadline.

In my opinion, these moves are just not enough.
Yet Yankee fans won't admit they aren't a powerhouse and continue to argue the most improved team will be in last place. Jays had a much much better offseason than Red Sox, had more key injuries last year and finished ahead of them but somehow Red Sox will finish ahead

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