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12-27-2012, 05:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
LoL. The Jays had nothing on the Red Sox last year, but thats besides the point. The fact remains that the Jays were horrible last year, and to compensate in moves of desperation, they accumulated a bunch of, imo, of course, "meh" type players who have just as questionable histories as the same, injury ravaged team that stunk up the east last year.

This is a bad team as it stands right now. Are they better then last years embarrassment? Of course, they couldnt be worse. But a gimmick pitcher, a always injured middle of the rotation guy, a diva shortstop, a drugger, and a average rotation guy sure doesnt even scream better then the Red Sox to me.

I dont think anybody in the east is shaking in their boots over the Jays.
Funny part is, the experts all disagree with you and most say Jays are favorites in the East. There was a poll with 20 scouts, 13 said Jays win the East. Vegas has them at best odds for the WS.

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